About Us

We are a family owned business consisting of our seven children and additional staff members who have become like family. We all love the outdoors, adventure, nature, and the beach when we are not creating art.

We have created and continue to create artwork for celebrities and high profile clients and completely respect their privacy. Our customers do not need to be famous, as we make it a standard practice to treat every customer like a super star. We are truly surrounded by a passionate, fun loving group of artists ready to design for you.

We love color, fonts, art, typography, drawing, painting, and are combine our different artistic abilities to come up with unique gift ideas. We are different than most shops, because we have the ability to create our own fonts, or own unique backgrounds, our own illustrations, and art. Yet we also provide some simple art to keep different affordable price options available for all levels of buyers.

Talents combined with our top notch customer service, creative design ability, and passion for what we do account for our five star reviews, wonderful customer testimonials, and repeat business:

With Love,
The Unique Cards and Gifts Team 🙂

Amazing Annie

Executive Director

Mama Bear

Owner, Creator, Designer, Digital Artist, Acrylic Pour Art, Watercolor Art

Artistic Ashley

Artist, Illustrator, Typographer, Painter, Watercolor Artist, Acrylic Pour Art, Sketch Art

Lovely Lynnea

Designer, Customer Service

Creative Cutey Chelsea

Designer, Invitation Expert, Digital Artist, Watercolor Art

Dan The Man

Production Manager

Terrific Tammie

Administrative Assistant

Charming Cory

Abstract Artist, Production Asst.

Keeper Kelsey

Business Operations Asst.

Marvelous Myles

All Around Getter Done Guy

Pepermint Patti

Artist, Children’s Projects, Childrens Art, Childrens Books, Photography

Laughing Lexi

Artist, Animal Drawings, Painter, Illustrator, Clothing Designs

About the Creator Of Unique Cards and Gifts:

About the Creator Of Unique Cards and Gifts:
In my early career, I, Mamabear, worked in the Corporate world. In one of my jobs I was able to include some of my creative abilities and wrote and directed some plays. A favorite was the Stinky Smoking Witch. The story line was a twist on the Wizard of Oz. The witch lost her powers when her cigarette was put out, Dorothy was handed a giant key to her car, Tin man was given a heart, Scarecrow was handed a brain (a painted pineapple that looked like a brain), and Lion was given a giant metal. Another company project I created was a poster on gator board with moving parts and lights….a big hit with the company. The company I worked for loved the different projects, It was said to me by different company heads that someday you will work for Dreamworks.

Through an unexpected turn of events, the company structure changed, and I was eventually out of a job. Although Dreamworks was a tempting direction, I choose to go in a different direction. Combined with having a large family with tremendous responsibilities, and not wanting to have my creativity stifled in the Corporate world, I ventured out on my own.

I started a home business making graphic designs which became successful in a short amount of time.  Opening a physical location was the next step. Within a year, we had developed several successful products and built an incredible team of award winning talented artist. By 2012 we opened our first on-line store.

We make it a point to make sure you enjoy your experience with anyone of our friendly staff or family members. You are in good hands, and will be treated with care. Our top notch customer service, creative design ability, and passion for what we do accounts for our five star reviews, wonderful customer testimonials, and repeat business.

Hugs From Mama Bear 🙂